Issues & Policy

Real progress on issues that matter most to working families, small businesses, and communities.

Progressive policies for people, not for profit. Healthcare for every Texan. A living wage. Strong protection of Renters Rights. Lower taxes for ordinary working families. Stronger communities through innovation and green investment. Increased pay and security for Texas Public School Teachers. A safe place for immigrants and migrant workers. Legal Marijuana and THC. Fee-free Texas Public Colleges and Community Colleges, and Trade Schools. Protection for the Environment, and Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Woman & Doctor

Healthcare for Every Texan

Expanding Medicaid, Investment in Community Health Centers, and Early Childhood Access to Behavioral Services

Almost one in five Texas residents have no healthcare coverage - making up 1/4 of the uninsured population in the entire country. I support and will fight for access to quality healthcare, affordable treatment, and stronger public health infrastructure. Accepting the Medicaid expansion, investing in community health clinics, and providing funding for early-life treatment and behavioural intervention is just the start of a healthier society and a stronger economy.

Apartment Building

Affordable Housing & Renter's Rights

Safe, secure, and affordable housing has never been more important.

Incentivising affordable housing construction, public-private partnership programs, preventing homelessness, creating a pathway to homeownership, protecting and expanding the rights of renters, providing economic development opportunities for multi-use properties, and securing the homestead exemption, to protect the stability and security of housing for our elderly.

College Students

Tuition-Free Public Community Colleges, Universities, and Trade Schools

Education is the key to unlocking the golden door to freedom.

Enhancing a focus on jobs for the future begins with restoring, and securing the ability for every Texan to go as far as their talent and ambition will take them. From promoting trades and education in career and technical services to providing fee-free two-year public college access, and fee-free university education.

School Bus & Children

Public Education

Ending standardized testing, safeguarding teacher's retirement, and enhancing career and technology preparation training education in Texas Public Schools

As a teacher, I know a bit about education in Texas Public schools, and the challenges parents, students, and teachers face. I'll fight to put an end to standardized testing to give our talented educators the freedom to do what they were called to do in this life. Enhanced funding for Universal Pre-K and early childhood education programs, protecting the teacher's retirement system, promoting better pay and incentivizing the best and brightest educators to find their home in a Texas Public School, a strong focus on preparing students for a range of career choices, including technical and skills based training, trades, and certifications. Technology in the classroom and at home, with enhanced partnerships to promote 21st Century learning through innovation in the classroom.

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A Stronger Economy With A Living Wage

Worker's Rights

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage. Protecting and enhancing worker's rights, benefits, and promoting strong labor unions are not mutually exclusive to a strong, thriving economy, and attracting new business investment.

No Texan willing to put in a hard day's work should have to work more than one job to put food on the table and have a safe place to live. The time for a real, living wage in Texas, is now. I believe in putting an end to the assault on unions, collective bargaining promotion, public-private partnerships to help people get on in life, workplace safety, putting an end to allowing employers to use credit scores in hiring processes, creating a unified, holistic approach to attract, maintain, and develop small businesses, and promote innovation. Mutual Co-Operative tax incentivization, and grants for green jobs, can secure Texas' place as the best place to do business, while protecting the rights of our workers.

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Legalizing Marijuana & THC

Legal cannabis (marijuana) for adults is long overdue. From recreation to treatment of numerous medical issues.

Legalized cannabis leads to less illegal activity, but also offers the chance to build a new multi-billion dollar industry, with jobs, investment, and attraction for tourism, and new business. I'll fight for retroactive release and expulsion through legislation for those convicted of drug possession - because the policies of the past, shouldn't keep people from the chance to have a brighter future.

Holding Plant

Protecting the Environment and Texas Parks & Wildlife

Investment in Green Energy, Jobs, and Infrastructure for People and the Planet

As a Green, protecting the environment isn't just about climate change. Texas leads the nation in renewable energy production, but we're nowhere close to a sustainable future. By investing in Green Jobs, Green Infrastructure including upgrading our electric delivery systems, leading through ambitious electric vehicle charging stations, providing tax incentivization for homeowners and businesses, getting Austin out of Denton - by passing legislation that allows cities and towns to choose the types of energy they do, and do not want, such as votes for banning fracking at a municipal and county level, and ensuring that our beaches, trails, and preserves are protected, preserved, and enhanced.

Pride Parade


Protecting and Enhancing Rights and Opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Gender Non-Binary Texans

No matter who you love, how you identify, and what you feel, every Texan deserves the right to a life without limitation. Investment in health services, protecting legal rights, and providing opportunity through legislation is important to me not only as a progressive but as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition, I will fight to pass legislation to end the inhumane and unethical practice of allowing gay conversion therapy and facilities to operate in Texas.


Public Transportation

Doubling access to our Major Cities via the Trinity Railway Express Commuter Rail

Providing funding for doubled service of the Trinity Railway Express, increased evening service, and Sunday service times provide the opportunity for a stronger economy, a better environment, and connections for commerce in our community.

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Universal Statewide Broadband Internet

Infrastructure and Investment to Bring High Speed Internet to Every Texas Household by 2025

From education to entertainment, public safety, and education, access to high-speed internet is crucial. A statewide infrastructure plan that creates jobs, provides consumer protection and promotes economic growth and mobility through ensuring every Texan has access to high-speed internet by 2025, with a goal for an all fibre node-to-home network by 2030, along with promoting funding grants for expanding municipal and community wifi connectivity.

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Protecting our Immigrant Community and Ending 287g

Texas is a State unlike no other, and migrant families, communities, and cultures from across the world who relocate here deserve respect, dignity, and the right to live without fear. I've been involved with the fight to get ICE out of Tarrant County and oppose the federal overreach of I.C.E. in our communities. From protecting vulnerable immigrants from exploitation to enhancing Spanish-Language learning, ESL language courses, healthcare services for migrant communities, and outreach services. During Covid-19, undocumented immigrants have been left behind by the Federal Government, and I'll fight to bring support through grants, and working with nonprofit organizations, using state funds to help keep our immigrant communities stay safe, and healthy during Covid-19 - and long after.

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Social Justice & Police Reform

Accountability in Law Enforcement, Community Policing, and Working to End Racial Disparity

Working to adopt State-Level, evidence-based reforms for our law enforcement state-level practices, establishing a state-wide incident data reporting system, creating opportunities for women of color require action, legislation, and compassion. I'll work to create state-level oversight and investigative panels, and listen to community organizers, activists, and leaders in minority communities, and work to identify and implement solutions that create a state where equality under the law - is the law.


Brody Mulligan for State Representative
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